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Testimonials for Rehabilitation Services

A wonderful facility full of helpful folks.

– Curtis Gene of Baytown

Without the professional services for rehabilitation that I have been privileged to receive for leg, feet, and scoliosis problems, I would not be as physically and mentally as active as I am at the age of 85. At the present I am doing water therapy with Laura Sylvia for scoliosis. I highly recommend Laura!

– B. Bailey

I had a severe illness and when I got out of the hospital I came for therapy to get my balance and strength, they were great after a long recovery period. I started the wellness & my wife joined as well, that was 3 ½ years ago all the workers are the best.

– Robert & Susie of Baytown

I had been to two doctor’s before I finally made my way to them and was getting nowhere. When I walked in to Rehabilitation Services I felt immediately at ease. Jamie at the front desk was warm and welcoming. Then I met Molly; and for the first time since I had been injures, I finally felt like someone had listened to me and really wanted to help me. Molly and Norma began working with me and they were so awesome and encouraging, but soon it became evident we weren’t making much progress. Molly told me she felt like something more was going on and encouraged me to see another doctor. Molly stuck with me and we finally found a doctor who listened and knew exactly what was going on with my shoulder. I had surgery and I am now on my way to recovery! I walked into Rehabilitation Services discouraged and walked out with hope, I cannot say enough for this business and their care and commitment to their patients.

– J. Wilson

Following knee replacement surgery in July 2008, I was sent to Rehabilitation Services in Baytown for “rehab”, Brett and his excellent staff guided me through it with just the right blend of “gentleness” and “toughness” to complete a program that give me a totally stable knee. At the completion of “rehab”, Brett told me about their wellness program.

– K. Scantlan

I really enjoyed your whole group. Exceptional support and great atmosphere for getting better.

– S. Collins of Dayton

The services I have received from Rehabilitation Services are exercise from a stress fracture to the right femur. The second set of rehab exercises were from a rotator cup issue to the right arm. The end results were the return of me being able to walk, and full use of my right arm. Two other wonderful outcomes were the loss of 15 lbs. and never being depressed. I am now in rehab for pinched nerves in my lower back. I expect Molly will help me back to having proper posture and no more backaches.

– B. Gurth of Dayton

I have had right wrist, left shoulder, right shoulder surgeries. The staff at the Dayton office are very reliable and very competent of all my doctor’s orders. I am currently having therapy now for my right shoulder. I am sure they will take very good care of me.

– Mildre

Testimonials for Wellness Program

After my rehabilitation on my knee I joined the Wellness Program with Rehabilitation Services, it offered all the expertise and help of the staff to setup a exercise program for me. As a result, I became stronger and had more endurance. I continued to do wellness 4 – 5 times per week. In June of 2009, I had my other knee replaced and after two weeks I started “rehab” a second time. As a result of my involvement in the wellness program, my overall health, flexibility, and endurance were very much improved. The “rehab” was much easier and completed sooner due to my participation in the wellness program.

– K. Scantlan

At Rehabilitation Services I have found the entire staff to be inviting, caring, understanding & unique to each individual. They offer a facility that fits your needs and promotes a healthy you. After my shoulder surgery I progressed so well at Rehabilitation Services I continued to enjoy the atmosphere & the staff providing well above my everyday needs. Today I use the Wellness Center on a month to month basis to ensure my overall health!

– Curt “Flip” Flippo, 1 year in the Wellness Program

I have been participating in the Wellness Program for two years. The therapists and assistant therapists still keep an eye on me. (Molly, Norma, Luke and Jose)

– B. Gurth